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A Country Too Far

To the tune of “The Rain in Spain

Our meddling in Ukraine is quite insane.
Our meddling in Ukraine is plain insane.

See the bear!
We don’t care.

Our meddling in Ukraine is just insane.

We have no cards to play;
We’re playing anyway.

Our meddling in Ukraine is damned insane.

There’s nothing there to gain
Except a lot of pain.

Our meddling in Ukraine is just insane.

Like Nuland on the phone,
It’s very, very wrong.

Our meddling in Ukraine is just insane.

It’s insane. Like McCain. It’s insane. It’s insane.

Like Kagan on the phone,
It’s very, very wrong.

Let’s be plain:
In Ukraine,
We’re just insane.

David Martin

Notable Replies

  1. your statement is completely right, but! what we can do to put that cabal of evil satanic zionist infamous criminal nations to stand up and, more important to depose from every power the people who in various form rule that politics? bringing nations on the edge of war to gain many type of advantages.
    infamous entities subjects as Netanhiau, bolton, abrams, macron, and many many other who participate at this syndicate granting their names as very example of what is a criminal in the history

  2. I’m afraid it will take a lot of education first. We’re doing what we can here at Heresy Central.

  3. I don’t understand what you mean, perhaps for my little english, but I have explained what is my opinion even offend anyone, that arguments are clearly exposed in a lot of blogs, news agencies and mainstream media makes very worse things making same form of arguments. Maduro or Assad (which contrarily to what MSM tells of them they are great statists which have in their heart their people and their nations) for MSM have had very far worse epithets than mine for their enemies. . . . or not?
    If I understood wrongly, please explain me what do you mean

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